Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bottle Cap Bracelets

I love reusing items in the classroom for lessons, and bottle caps are one of the most reused items that we take advantage of almost on a daily basis. They can be reused for counting, sorting, game pieces, art and craft projects and so much more.

We made “I LOVE GOD” bracelets with bottle caps and they came out great! The children even made extra ones to give to their parents, siblings and friends.

Ahead of time I printed out the words “I” “LOVE” “GOD” onto paper and cut them into circles to fit inside of the bottle caps.

I set out
pipe cleaners, straws, beads, scissors and bottle caps with holes already poked in them before the children arrived.

The tables looked like so much fun and I just knew the children would be anxious to get to work on their bracelets.

At circle time we talked about how much we love God and all of the wonderful things that we love about him. In my usual way I charted the children’s responses of the reasons they loved God. Some of their responses were the following:

He gives me food to eat
I live in a house
I have a bed to sleep in
He gave me my mom and dad
He loves me
He takes care of me

After circle time the children went right to work on their bracelets. They cut up straws to string on their pipe cleaners along with beads and the bottle caps. Inside each cap they glued each word to spell out “I LOVE GOD” on their bracelet.

I always like to connect a bible verse with our lesson so I found this one that fit perfectly:

I love you, O LORD, my strength
Psalm 18:1

The children had so much fun making the bracelets and even more fun giving one to their parents and siblings when they were picked up.

I hope you decide to make these with your children.

As always, peace and joy,

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Clemencia said...

I love the idea, do you have any pictures of the bracelets? thanks