Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's All About The Sheep

Did you know that there are over 600 references to sheep, lamb, shepherds and ewe in the Bible? Sheep are consistently used throughout scripture to teach biblical truths.

I wanted to do a large group activity with the children because I believe it really teaches them teamwork, sharing, respect while at the same time having fun.

I made a huge cutout of a sheep and had it on the floor in the middle of our circle time as the children arrived.

I had them sit around the sheep and read them the bible verse John 10:7-16. I explained to the children that sheep are so important to God that he talks about them over 600 times in the bible. I asked them if they knew what a sheep sounds like and if they do can they make the sound. Of course, I heard a lot of “baaaas.”

After we talked about sheep I ask them if they know what a shepherd is. Many of them said Jesus and some said a man with a cane and others had no idea. I explained that a shepherd takes care of the sheep and uses a “staff” that looks like a cane to direct them.

I taught them a song that went like this…

“One Little Two Little Three Little Sheep”
(to the tune of “Ten Little Indians”)
One little, two little, three little sheep
Four little, five little, six little sheep
Seven little, eight little, nine little sheep
Ten sheep loved by the Shepherd

Then I told them that we were going to make our paper sheep nice and fluffy. I put out cottonballs of all different colors and told them they could put any color cottonball they wanted on their sheep. (To make colorful cottonballs you take powder tempera paint , put in a bag with some cottonballs and shake it.)

The children worked together beautifully and even color coordinated some of the cottonballs. I had individual sheep ready for them if they finished early and wanted to make their own sheep to take home as a reminder of our lesson. Most of them did this activity as well.

Let me know how your sheep lesson turns out.

As always, peace and joy,