Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter and Eggs Can Go Together

Easter is fast approaching, I thought I would give you a great idea of how to incorporate dying eggs and the meaning of Easter together in an activity.

Before the activity, discuss with the children what the meaning of Easter is to them and read the story "Easter is for Me" by Christine Tangvald or another appropriate Easter story that you love.

Children know that we always dye eggs for Easter, but do we ever tie the activity to the real meaning of the season? Well, if you haven’t before, here is a fun way to approach this activity for the children in your classroom or home:

Each color can symbolize something about Easter. Set up stations of the following colors of Colorations® Liquid Watercolor or food coloring: YELLOW, RED, PURPLE, GREEN, BLACK, WHITE. (You can add your own colors and symbolization as well.)

After the stations are set up with the colors and tools to dye the eggs add a word on a tent card next to the following colors:

YELLOW ~ Sunshine
RED ~ Blood
PURPLE ~ Royalty
GREEN ~ Life
WHITE ~ Purity

As the children dye their eggs, go around to the stations and talk with them about the meaning of the color and the word and how it ties to Jesus and Easter.

You might say, “Did you know that Jesus died for our mistakes/sins?” and then explain that the black egg represents sin, or you might say, “Did you know that Jesus never sinned?” and then explain that the white egg represents his purity.

You can also take a white crayon and write the word on each egg before you dye it, or have the children do so. Once the egg is submerged in the dye, the color won’t adhere to the waxy word and colored eggs can be removed with the word still in tact.

I would love to hear some of the other activities that you do around Easter time.

Peace and Joy,