Friday, June 5, 2009

Memory Verse Placemat

Teaching children bible verses can be a challenge, however there is a great way that I teach the children to memorize the verse without memorizing it word for word.

I recently had the children create a “memory verse placemat” to teach them the following bible verse:
Genesis 1:20And God said, "Let the water teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the sky."

We started the lesson with a few questions. I like to write the words on chart paper as the children are telling me. I believe this action really adds richness to their development when they can hear the word and see it in writing.

Some of the questions I asked them were:

Q: “Can you tell me what creatures are in the water that God created?”
A: “Sharks, fish, turtles, dolphins, snakes, BIG whales”

Q:“What is the earth?”
A: “It is round”, “We live in it”, “God made it for us”, “It is HOT” (We live in Arizona, I wasn’t surprised to hear that answer )

Q:“What kinds of birds are in the sky?”
A: “Birds, owls, eagles, angels, parakeets, more birds”

After this activity, I read the bible verse to the children directly from the bible as if I was reading from a storybook. I showed them the bible, opened it to book and verse and showed them where in the bible the verse is.

After our bible lesson time, the real fun begins.

The children begin using stencils and stamps of birds, sea creatures, markers and Liquid Water Color to create their picture of the bible verse. I already had the verse printed on the paper. After their placemats have dried I laminated them to keep in the classroom. The children use them at snack time, with playdough or clay, to define their space or play a fun “Who’s Placemat is This?” game. Almost all of the children wanted to make a placemat to have at home too!

Let me know if you try this lesson with your children and what some of the outcomes and funny stories you have to share.

Do you need some ideas on teaching lessons to children? Feel free to post your requests and I would be happy to share.

Next week look for my lesson teaching children “RAK’s” (Random Acts of Kindness) and some of the heartwarming stories that came from this lesson.

Have a great week!

Peace and Joy,