Friday, December 4, 2009

Capitol Christmas Tree

Arizona K - 12 students were chosen to adorn the 85-foot spruce Capitol Christmas Tree, also known as The People's Tree, in Washington, D.C. Their 5,000 handmade ornaments will depict the theme of the project, "Arizona's Gift from the Grand Canyon State."
The spruce tree was selected from the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona, according to the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service.
An additional 1,000 handcrafted ornaments are also being made for 80 companion trees that will be displayed in federal offices and buildings throughout the Capitol Complex.
The ornaments are being made from donated and found materials from school storage and Treasures4Teachers in Tempe, which offers donated materials to classroom teachers for a small fee. The foam was donated by Ikea, and the wire hangers were pulled from spiral notebooks. The students are so proud of the fact that they get to provide ornaments for the tree.
If you visit the website you can view additional pictures, history lessons and stories about the Capitol Christmas tree.
I never knew that each year the Capitol Christmas tree was selected from a chosen state and the students were able to provide the ornaments for it. It makes the season that much richer.

Enjoy the stories and pictures and perhaps your State will be chosen next year.

Happy Holidays!