Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day Five of the Seven Days of Creation!!

Day 5:

On the Fifth Day God created animals that live in the ocean, like fish and other sea animals and animals that fly in the sky like birds and butterflies.

First we created a sky and an ocean. In order to create the ocean, the children spooned dark blue powder paint all over a poster board. We then put it outside in the rain. After it had been outside for a while we observed that as the powder got wet from the rain it covered the board with a thick, textured blue paint. On another rainy day the children spooned light blue powder paint on a poster board and, after it was out in the rain we suddenly had a sky for our birds!

We read The Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale and then the children made their own rainbow fish by first painting cut out fish and then gluing sequins and metallic “scales” and eyes on them. The children also created other ocean animals by first coloring them with oil pastels and then painting with watercolors.

We read Inch by Inch about an inchworm that measures all different kinds of birds. We also read Waiting for Wings, which is about the life cycle of butterflies. To make the birds and butterflies the children first used bright watercolor paints to paint the cut out animals; after the paint dried, the children glued multi-colored feathers on them. They also painted a big bird which is “flying” from the ceiling in front of our Creation Boards.
The children went “fishing” as they searched for fish hiding in a mixture of cornmeal and corn kernels. They also examined toy insects with magnifying glasses....