Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day Three of the Seven Days of Creation..

Day 3
On the Third Day God moved some of the water that covered the whole earth and created mountains and valleys all over the land. God also created all kinds of plants and trees.
First the children used bath “poufs” to cover a poster board with brown and red paint in order to depict the land. Then they used big house painting brushes to mix blue and white paint all over another poster board. They observed that when they mixed the dark blue paint with the white paint it made light blue paint. After they painted one board, they then painted another piece of poster board. We then put the two posters together and the children helped rub them hard. When we separated the two posters we saw that we had created a beautifully textured sky!

Next, we engaged the whole group of children in a discussion about what kinds of trees or plants they wanted to add to our board. We decided that we would have a “fall tree” so the children took a big piece of real tree bark and broke it up into little pieces which they glued on to poster board branches. They then glued real fall leaves on to the branches. The children also created grass and plants by cutting up pieces of paper towel they’d painted with green watercolor and they crumpled up multicolored tissue paper to create a garden of flowers.

The children had several opportunities to play with dirt in the sensory table and to “create” mountains and valleys. They have also been busy making mountains in the sandyard.

Everyone planted a green bean seed in a planter, and flower seeds as well, so we can grow things just like on the 3rd Day of Creation. We discussed what the seeds will need to grow – sunlight and water – and we can’t wait to see what happens!