Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day Four of the Seven Days of Creation

Day 4: On the Fourth Day God created the bright, golden sun to shine in the sky during the daytime and the moon and stars to shine in the sky during the night. We talked about how the sky at night is very dark blue, sometimes it even looks black. In order to make the nighttime sky the children used big brushes to mix blue and black paint and spread it all over the poster board. They made the moon and stars by painting special paper, which was white on one side and silver on the other, with silver paint. We decided to make the moon a crescent moon. We made a huge mobile of lots and lots of stars to hang from the ceiling in front of the boards. Finally, the children had a wonderful time covering the night sky with multicolored “twinkle” stars.

We were inspired by the sun in Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar as we created our sun. First the children used different kinds of sponges to cover a poster board with yellow paint. After it was all covered in yellow, we added some red paint and as the children blended the two colors together they observed that they were creating orange. The teachers then cut out the sun and the children helped cut out the rays and glue them on to the sun.