Thursday, May 21, 2009


On the Seventh Day, after God had finished all the work of creating the World, God rested. Because of that, we too rest on the Seventh Day, and we call it the Sabbath. As part of our celebration of Shabbat we light candles, say Kiddush, and eat Hallah. The children created the background for our Shabbat board by painting a poster board with green, yellow and white paint and then rubbing a second poster board over the painted surface. They made the candlesticks by cutting up silver paper and gluing it on cut out candlestick shapes. Several children used gold paint to paint the Kiddush cup; others cut up shiny purple paper and glued it on the cup to “fill” it with grape juice. Some of the children braided pieces of fabric to create the Hallot.
In preparation for the Shabbat, each week in school we have Kabbalat Shabbat in the chapel. We then have a Shabbat Party complete with lighting candles, saying Kiddush and eating Hallah.

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jhbachar said...

I guess this is alright for religious schools, but it has NO place in public education which thankfully dictates the separation of church and state.