Thursday, May 7, 2009


Day 6
On the Sixth Day of Creation God made people and animals. We learned that the name of the first man that God created was Adam and the name of the first woman was Eve. We also talked about how even though different people have different colored skin, inside we are all the same.

We were working on our Day 6 board at the time of Martin Luther King’s Birthday and we incorporated a discussion of his dreams and accomplishments into this discussion of multi-cultural tolerance. The children decorated multi-toned people cut-outs with fabric, hair, eyes and “global village” paper to represent clothing.

The children created 2 “animal representations” for our Day 6 Board. First they cut up paper that looks like different kinds of animal skin. They then glued the paper, collage style, on to large animal-like shapes.

Finally, they created the background for our Day 6 board by spreading different colored foam paint all over the poster boards – it was messy but we loved how mushy and soft it felt!

Join Us Next Time for the Seventh Day of Creation

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