Monday, June 13, 2011

Summertime Means Vacation Bible School!

God helps us weather the storm.

I think I can remember almost every Vacation Bible School that I have helped plan, gather material for and teach. These are great times for me, our kids and the Sunday school staff.
I wanted to do something relevant for our children, so we decided on a theme focused around how weather affects them every day. Weather is a perfect example of how we are at the mercy of the sun, rain, wind and even hail.

Our first lesson was on wind. We talked about different Bible stories that had to do with wind. We talked about our own stories about wind. Here in Arizona, we get some very bad wind storms during the summer. These winds kick up the dust in the desert and cause dust storms. These storms can be big and deadly. What do we do when the wind becomes very strong? We stay inside with mom and dad and we pray that God will help us to weather the storm.

We decided to make windsocks that we could hang outside to tell us when the wind was beginning to blow.

We used the largest coffee filters (BIGTEX) that we could find. We used Colorations® Liquid Watercolor and dyed them in rainbow colors, using brushes. While they were still damp, we used the Colorations® Metallic Washable Stamp Pads (METSTAMP) and the Easy-Grip Inspirational Stampers (EGISTAMP) to decorate our windsocks.

It took about 20 minutes for them to dry completely. Then, we folded each side of the round coffee filter up about three inches and stapled them down. It now looked like a rectangle ready to be rolled into a cylinder. We stapled the ends together and glued the middle. We each chose different colors of yarn and strung it through four holes we punched evenly around the top and knotted all the yarn together.

We talked about how not all wind is scary. There are gentle breezes that can blow every day. Even these gentle breezes will make our windsock move. We wrote on the wind sock that God will help us to weather the storm.

The windsocks came out beautifully and are a good reminder that God is with us at all times.

Have a blessed week,

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